ICE Raids Are On The Rise. What To Do If They Come To Your Home Or Work

ICE (Immigration and Removal Enforcement) Raids are happening statewide in Utah

Remember that as a business owner you are not required to comply with the ICE agents unless they have a warrant or order signed by a judge, not an administrative order issued by ICE. If you have received a Notice of Inspection (NOI) from ICE to review your I-9 forms, you must have received three (3) business days advance notice. Do not waive the three (3) day notice requirement. Your employees are not required to speak to the officers and should remain silent.

If ICE agents arrive at your home, do NOT open the door. Ask them if they have a warrant signed by a judge in YOUR name. An administrative order from ICE does not authorize them to enter your home. Have the ICE agents slide the paperwork under the door. If the agents do not have a signed warrant or order, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. If the ICE agents enter your home, remain silent and do NOT sign anything until you have spoken with your attorney. Never resist arrest or give false information. Always remain silent, only ask to speak to your attorney.


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